Meet Information

Bulado Swimming Club
Meet Manager for the event: Milko Lai  and Hycinth Cijntje ([email protected]) Representative: Julia Galan ([email protected])

14-16 October 2016

S.O.V. Asiento
Rust & Burghlaan z/n

Considered one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean, the island of Curaçao is not only known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous natural landscapes. Capital city Willemstad, on the east side of the island, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history dating back to the 17th century. During your time off from the pool, you can explore the city’s heritage, do some shopping, hang out at a café or experience Curaçao’s dining scene. Alternatively, you can get in touch with nature on the west side of the island – known for its small fishing villages, secluded beaches and the 1800-hectare Christoffel National Park.

The recently renovated Asiento facility boasts an 8-lane 25 meter pool equipped with non-turbulent lanelines, electronic timing system, a separate pool for warmup purposes and ample spectator seating for family, friends and supporters. We’ve divided the meet into 4 sessions with timed finals only on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning. This will allow you to have a wide range of events to choose from so that you can have ample time for sightseeing in between sessions.

Training Camp Option
Training camp opportunities will be available the week before and/or the week after the meet. For more information, please contact [email protected] 

Sanctioned By
Curaçao Aquatic Federation (FAK). Sanction Nr.: CUR201603001SW

General Information/Type of Meet

The competition will be held in a 25 meter 8-lane pool, with electronic timing and scoreboard in accordance with Curaçao Swimming Federation rules and regulations. A separate pool will also be available for continuous warm-up and warm-down during the competition. Ample spectator seating is available for friends, family and supporters.

The competition will be conducted entirely as timed finals. Meet management may opt to use fly-over starts at this competition, (where swimmers will not be permitted to exit the water until the next heat of swimmers has started).

Camera Zones
Meet Management shall designate and inform the public of “Camera Zones” at each swim meet where both still photography and video photography of a race or a race competitor in a race may be taken.  Acceptable “Camera Zones” may include, but are not limited to the side courses of a pool, team gathering areas, concession areas, turn-end of competition course when not in use as a “start-end”, etc.  Meet Management shall also designate “Non-Camera Zones”. Under NO circumstances will Camera Zones include the area immediately behind the starting blocks at either end of the racing course(s) while they are in use for “race starting purposes” during competition and warm-ups, locker rooms, restrooms, or any other dressing area.  Any individual failing to abide by this rule could be subject to the Swimming Code of Conduct violation as defined by the Sporting Laws and Rules of Curaçao.

The competition will be held in a 25 meter 8-lane pool in accordance with Curaçao Swimming Federation rules and regulations. A separate pool will also be available for continuous warm-up and warm-down during the competition. Ample spectator seating is available for friends, family and supporters.

The competition is open to all swimmers and age groups. All participants must be registered with their country’s swimming federation and will be requested to include their license number with their entry forms.

All exchanges and transactions regarding this competition are between the organizing swimming association and the participating clubs only. bears no responsibility for any fees required by the host club for the event.

Age Group Categories

Age group is determined by the age of the swimmer as of December 31, 2015.

  • 8 & under
  • 10 & under
  • 11-12 years
  • 13-14 years
  • 15-17 years
  • 18 -24
  • 25-39
  • 40-54
  • 55 and over

Dates and Times

Thursday 13 October

20:00 – Welcome session/coaches meeting for all teams

Friday, 14 October

17:00: Warm Up
18:00: Session 1 Starts

Saturday, 15 October

7:30:  Warm Up
8:30:  Opening Ceremonies
9:30:  Session 2 Starts
16:00: Session 3 Warm Up
17:00: Session 3 Starts

Sunday, 16 October

8:00:  Warm Up
9:00:  Session 4 Starts
14:00: Closing Ceremonies and Farewell Party hosted by Curaçao Tourism Board

Warm Up Schedule
Warm up lanes for each session will be assigned to each team prior to the meet start.

Entry Fees

$40.00 flat fee per swimmer (includes a Meet T-shirt)
$12.00 per relay
$7.50 facility fee per swimmer

Payment should be made either by bank transfer to MCB (Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V.), account number or payment can be made at the coaches meeting on Thursday. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Scratches without payment can be sent till Friday October 7th 2016, EST.

Entry Limit and Rules
Each team will be limited to entering four (4) swimmers per event and one (1) team per relay.
Host club Bulado Swimming reserves the right to enter more than four swimmers per event and more than one team per relay.
No alternates or substitutes will be permitted for individual events without proper deck entry.
For relay events, each team may enter four (4) swimmers, but at least two (2) members of the relay team must be individually entered for the meet. The names of the relay-only competitors must be provided in advance. will close upon receipt of the team that puts entries over the four hour time limit per session.
For all swimmers, legal names and current swimming registration must be included on the entry form, including “relay-only” swimmers. The Master Entry Form must accompany the individual entry lists.
The names of all coaches, delegates, officials, etc. must also be included with your entry forms.
No competitor may participate outside of his/her age group.

Entry Format

Preferred via email in USA Swimming SDIF format or Hy-Tek CL2 format.  Electronic entries will also be accepted using the designated Entry Form Excel sheet for those without access to SDIF or CL2 formats. Errors in entries submitted are the responsibility of the applicant.  Electronic mail confirmation will be sent upon receipt of file.

The legal name and current Swimming Registration Number for each swimmer must be listed on the Entry Form, including “relay-only” swimmers.  The Master Entry Form must accompany the entry lists.

Times as of January 1st, 2016 should be used. No substitutions or alternates will be accepted after the final entries have been submitted, except in relays. Confirmation for electronic entries will be sent via e-mail.

Entry Forms Deadlines

Pre-registration must be received by Friday, September 2nd, 2016, EST.
Click here to submit your Pre-Entry Form.

Final Registration must be received by Friday October 7th 2016, EST.

Submit Entries To

Milko Lai at [email protected]

Deck Entries
Deck entries may be accepted by the Meet Referee or his/her designee, up to 45 minutes before the start of the session under the following conditions:

Fees must be paid at time of entry ($10.00 per event).
Facility fee must be paid unless swimmer is already entered.
A swimmer may not scratch an event to deck enter an event.
A swimmer must provide their own counter for distance events

25 meter short course times will be used for seeding.  Conversions may be made using the FINA conversion.

All protests to a Referee’s decision must be submitted to the referee in writing within 30 minutes after the event, signed by the Team delegate and accompanied by US $25. If the protest is upheld the fee will be returned to the delegate.

Jury of Appeal
A. There shall be a Jury of Appeal to adjudicate all appeals against a Referee’s rejection of a protest.
B. The Jury of Appeal shall be comprised of 3 disinterested persons appointed by the Curacao Aquatic Association.


Age groups: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17, 18 – 24, 25-39, 40-54, 55 and over
Individual events: Medals 1st-3rd place

Ribbons: 4th – 8th place for 10 and under age group only

Relays: Medals 1st-3rd place

High Point Trophy for 1st place in each category based on the best scored “single’ event using the “Hy-Tek Age Group” points system.

The Monique Maria Performance Award: This award will be presented to the male athlete who has the best scored single event overall, based on the “Hy-Tek Age Group” points system.

The EU Swim Without Borders Performance Award: This award will be presented to the female athlete who has the best scored single event overall, based on the “Hy-Tek Age Group” points system.

Masters will be scored, but will not participate in scoring for the high point trophy, Monique Maria Performance Award and The EU Swim Without Borders Performance Award.

1st place 9 points
2nd place 7 points
3rd place 6 points
4th place 5 points
5th place 4 points
6th place 3 points
7th place 2 points
8th place 1 points

Points will be double for relays. Only the first 4 swimmers’ individual events will be scored.
All events are timed finals.

Participating teams are invited to submit the names of individuals willing to serve as officials during the meet.

SOV Asiento will be on site selling food items and drinks, restaurant facilities during the event.

Swim Shop
There will be a swim shop selling the latest selection of technical training equipment and competitive suits on Saturday and Sunday.

Each participating club is responsible for their own air transportation, visa and accommodation costs. We can help support and arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel. Teams with housing, transportation and meals requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Special Events

Thursday, 13 October: Welcome Reception and Training Session
At 20:00, all coaches are invited to meet us at the pool for a pre-competition welcome session and coaches meeting. Coaches will be presented with an information package at this time. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the organizers and fellow teams, and ask any questions you may have!

Saturday, 15 October: Opening Ceremonies
The opening ceremonies will take place at 9:00, just before Session 2 begins on Saturday morning. This is a festive and symbolic time. The traditional parade of countries will be held, during which all participants may take part and represent their country. We encourage all clubs to bring their national flags and team banners!

Sunday, 16 October: Farewell Party
Closing ceremonies, awards presentation and farewell party will be on Sunday, October 16, 2016, one hour after the meet at the pool. (approx. 14:00 pm). Details on the farewell party will be released prior to the entry deadline.